Recaredo Reserva Perticular, a tasting I will never forget!

I might as well apologise for the quality of the pictures right away, but IPhone is not a very good tool at tastings in cellars, and it is not very useful either apparently when the woman behind the phone is more excited about everything around her rather than at taking pictures. So I'm sorry. You just have to use the pictures as "inspiration" and imagine the event in your minds, because it was fantastic!

Reserva Particular is one of Recaredo's oldest products and something very special indeed. The first vintage was produced in 1962 by Joseph Mata Capellades, who was also the founder of Recaredo.

The tasting this evening was in the honour of the 50th anniversary of Reserva Particular and we were 80 people (I think) that had the great pleasure to taste the vinatges, 2001, 1999, 1996, 1993, 1991 and 1984.

Incredible wines and all fresh and young still. They were all very different even though they come very much from the same vineyards and the weather has not been extremely different just looking at the rainfall and temperature. I will not write my tasting notes because I don't think they will tell you much, but I can say that they were all still very fresh, fruity and of course with the ageing tones of almond, toffee and toasted bread. But every one with it's own character and all leaving their own imprint on the tongue. During the tasting there was speeches from the family and every wine was presented by Josep Roca i Fontané who is a famous sommelier in Spain and who runs the restaurant El Celler De Can Roca in Girona (3 Michelin stars). And during each wine Omar Sosa a Cuban jazz artist played his own pieces on piano. It was all fantastic.When the tasting was done there was fantastic food and more cava ( Reserva Particular 2002). The food was made by Josep's restaurant El Cellar de Can Girona, and was so good I never wanted to leave. Dish after dish, the one more fantastic than the last. Small bites cocked to perfection.  One of my favourites was in the dessert section, and was a Mojito sorbet with an ice cream cigar that tasted like cigars smell. Very strange but extremely good! Everything was to die for!

I am extremely great full and honoured to have been invited to this magnificent event and will cherish it forever. To bad I did not have a better camera with me.

A great big thank you to all at Recaredo who made this wonderful evening so incredible!