I don't think that this much Cava has ever...

...been in Champagne at the same time. I wonder what people would say if they knew we had 180 bottles of Cava in our car, while sitting and trying their champagnes? It is quite funny I think! :-) To be honest we love Champagne too. And as I often say; "I drink Champagne when I feel like having Champagne and Cava when I feel like having Cava". It is just so different.

We have had some nice days here, although France seems to get by completely without working or accessible internet, which is quite interesting. My goodness! No facebook, twitter, mail or blog, and no news. Since we don't know French we get quite isolated. But we have managed and had nice weather, nice food and champagne, and Andréas and Martin have made two new friends in the cats that lives here at the B&B, Guy Charbaut.

Martin also made a new friend in the Champagne.

After today we have reached a total count of 250 bottles of sparkling, and feel quite content. And it is now clear that we won't fit any beer in the boot, when driving trough Germany. But we are not to sad about that. So now we have the last evening here on our vacation (because it will be all driving from here). So we are going out to have a nice meal at Chez Max, where we have been before. So keep a lookout on facebook, and I'll post some pictures of our last dinner.

See you back in Sweden!