Learning about the lab, biodynamic farming and driving in the montains

It has been a busy day, with three visits. But all great, and we have learned so much! First we visited Eva at Vilarnau, who has helped me so much with the book and checking so that I have all my facts right. Today she showed us the lab and how to measure pressure in the bottles and how to count the yeast cells after the second fermentation has finished. Really interesting!

Then we tried the different cavas we had opened with the lees still in side. A great experience since it is Cava that has finished the second fermentation but without the aging. Eva also gave us some bottles with the yeast still inside to take home and age in our cellar. So now we will have to make the riddling on our own and also disgorge the bottles when the time comes. Luckily, Andréas learned how to do the disgorgment when we visited Giro i Giro this monday.

Tasting cloudy Cava

Measuring preasure

When we had said goodbye to Eva, we went to Recaredo and learned about biodynamic farming. We met the lovely horse Bru, who was working hard in the fields, while the team were planting chamomile, lavender, and some herbs that I don't really know that well. All are grown for using later in the vineyards as different treatments.


After this fantastic visit at Recaredo, we went to Parés Baltà, who we also have visited before. This time we brought our friends Kajsa and Martin and we all had a wonderful afternoon in the mountains and had the chance to try some wonderful wines and Cavas.

Me, Kajsa and Josep
Martin (or Peter Pan)

We all had a great day and I just want to thank all the lovely producers that always take the time to see us when we come to visit. It is always a pleasure!