One week to go!

Just one week from now I'll be sitting in a bierstube in Badsegerberg (Germany) sipping on a weissbier. Because then we will have done our first day on our way down to Penedès! I'm so excited! I have actually spent the whole afternoon, writing to my cava friends in Penedès and planing what to bring and how to spend the few days we have in the area. I will mostly drive around and visit the producers that I have got to know, and see how they are doing. I'm really curious about how the spring has been and if the flowering has started. But since this will be my only vacation this year I'll make sure to get some time at CalRuget Biohotel, just reading a book and lying in the sun. Maybe scratching one of the dogs behind the ear. It will be so nice to see both Florian, Veronica and the dogs again! We have missed them all so much.

But first it is a hectic week, to go through at work, packing and geting the house ready for departure. So I have to wait just a little longer.