Cava friends are the best of friends.

Cava is a passion. It is hard to explain to someone how does not share this passion. Or to be honest it is hard to explain it to anyone who does not understand. This is why I love meeting up with my Cava firends. Because we always have a comon goal... to share Cava with others and to share our passion. Tonight I had the luck to be in Copenhagen at the same time as one of my cava friends. It was so nice, since I have not seen her since january and I do admit that I feel quite isolated up here in Sweden. So it was some refreshing hours to get some news and to talk to someone of the same mind set. Soon I'll be in Penedés again where I some how feel at home, although I don't know the language yet. But still I feel at home in my heart. Soon I'll drive among the hills on the small roads, with fear for my life, on my way to a small cava producer and all will be again as it should.

Thank you Ana for a lovely evening!