Recaredo, Raventós i Blanc and Parés Baltà

Today was the last day before I go home to cold cold Sweden. I will miss Penedés as always but now I know that I will be coming back in May. So its ok. Today I visited Recaredo, Raventós i Blanc and Parés Baltà, so it has been a busy day. But as always fun, and I have learned so much as usual.

At Recaredo, Ton showed me the pruning, but also how you can "lead" a shoot from one vine down in the ground, to root there and create a new vine, while still having the contact with the mother plant. This is a bit risky due to the Phyloxera (vine louse), but works very good since the connection to the mother plant makes sure the new plant survives and gets strong, even though it is feeding mostly from its own roots.

In Raventós I saw the different vineyards, learned about the advantages of growing vines in shady plots near the wood, and I also had the honour to meet Manuel Raventós (the company president). Raventós i blanc is a wonderful house with great Cavas and an atmosphere and a kindness that is fantastic.

Last but not least I went to Parés Baltà. I had a great time looking at their vineyards with Joan and Barbara. Their vineyards always fascinate me since they are so high up (over 700 meters I think) and very small, like in terraces. It is an adventure just going up the mountain. It would be really lovely to go hiking there.

Parés Baltà does not only make cava but have small wineries in Ribera del Duero and Priorat that makes really well made and fantastic wines in my opinion. Today the GV5 (the bottle in the middle) was my favourite. :-)



I am so grateful that all the producers I have met has taken the time to see me. There are no kinder and more hospitable people than the cava producers in Penedés I think! They just always make you feel welcome. Maybe it is in their DNA? I love them all!

Now I am so tired so I think I will die! And tomorrow I'm going up early to then go home, so Good night and sleep tight!