What to drink? week 52

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Today is the last day of 2011 and I'm sure many of you are preparing a nice dinner for family or friends. Personally I think that is the best! To drink and eat good things with the people I love is fantastic.

Tonight we are having dinner with 9 friends (and three dogs) in our very small house. And my husband have taken this opportunity to buy a bottle of champagne in Jeroboam size. We happen to like Pol Rogers portfolio, and the two last years we have had their "extra cuvée de réserve" as an aperitif. So I would say it is starting to become a tradition. What worries me though is that two years ago we had standard bottles, last year a magnum and this year the Jeroboam... you see what I mean.

But as Churchill is supposed to have said; "The Jeroboam is the perfect size as an aperitif for two people if one is not drinking"

Whit that I want to wish you all the best for 2012! And hope that you will have a lovely day and evening!


(The small bottle is last years magnum...)