Gold, bubbles, dance and rippling muscles... now it's soon Christmas in Cava country!

Freixenet christmas 2011, awwines

Now it is not many days until it is Christmas, it is after all December 1st  today. With Christmas follows a lot of decorations, fixing and planning, because the Christmas traditions steer us with an iron fist. We tend to want things to be a certain way during this time of year, even though some traditions also require some change. Take for example the large department stores, and their Christmas decorations. It is traditional for them to put up decorations, but every year we expect something new, and preferably something surprising, spectacular and great.

In the case of cava there are also these traditions. Because never does the Spaniards buy so much cava as they do during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Cava producers prepare and also put a lot of time and energy in promoting their products a little extra. One of the large producers, Freixenet, have created their own tradition and have for many many years presented their own "Christmas host or hostess" around the first Sunday of Advent each year. The list of celebrities we have seen during the years are among others:

Gene Kelly in 1981, Raquel Welch in 1985, Jose Carreras in 1988, Paul Newman in 1989, Kim Basinger in 1993, Meg Ryan, 1997, 2001 Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore & Gabino Diego 2005 Angel Corella & Gwyneth Paltrow 2006  and Shakira 2010.

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freixenet, Gen Kelly, Christmas 1981, awwines
Meg Ryan, Freixenet, awwines

This year, Freixenet has chosen dance, gold, bubbles and muscles with Sara Baras and José Carlos Martinez as prominent figures. Sara is one of Spain's most famous flamenco dancers and is touring regularly around the world. José is both a dancer and choreographer, and together they constitute the hosts of 2011. A fine tradition with a focus on the bubbly, happy and festive mood we all are in at this time of year!

If you are curious about Freixenet's christmas hosts for this year, just click HERE!