Good news, good christmas buns and good beer!

aw wines, öl, samuel adams

It has been a very good weekend and start of week 48. Last Friday, I heard from the publisher I sent the script to, and to my great joy he liked it. My joy is beyond words! Although one should not take a victory for granted before the battle is won...  it feels good. Especially when we talked again yesterday, and I got to hear about the other plans he has for the book. So now I am entering a new phase, which is extremely exciting and everything has to go very quickly if the book is to get out in time to the vinNordic fair 25-27th of April.

So yesterday I celebrated a bit with a trip to the wine store and bought some winter/Christmas beers to the approaching evening dinner. Since last year I have become very fond of Samuel Adams Winter breew. Tasty but not so sticky in the mouth as some Christmas beers can be. I also bought Mikkellers "santa's littlehelper" and Shepherd Neame's  "Christmas Ale" which were both nice beers that I would buy again.

In addition, I baked a good batch of saffron buns! Christmas is almost here and I'm on the right track! Tjohoooo!