Now it is close, I can feel it!

cava, aw wines, pinot noir

In April, I stood with my feet in the red earth and looked at the pinot noir and chardonnay with their sheer leaves. Now, a half year later I am almost finished with the English script for the book. Some of you who has followed me and the process are maybe wondering... Wouldn't it be in Swedish? Well hopefully that too, and spanish, but after pressure from Penedés and other international interests I have translated it all to english.

But I still have some things to ad, before the manuscript is finished. And there is much else that is happening now as well, and I have a feeling that everything will take off real very soon!!

segura viudas, cava, aw wines

Det är mycket annat som händer nu också och jag känner på mig att allt kommer att ta fart på riktigt väldigt snart!