What to drink? Week 42

It can no longer deny it or live with the belief that there's an "Indian summer" coming... it is autumn now. Frost at night and the thermometer winds up just over the five degree mark, on the Celsius scale, here in Uppsala. So one just has to make the best of it!

The moos hunt has started and the mushrooms it has been more then plenty about in the woods, or so I've heard. Well I myself have not yet taken the dog for a walk that far in the woods yet, and don't think I will get around to it to be honest. But just the thought of moose and butter fried chanterelles makes me feel like having a really nice Rioja.

And this is one of the Riojas I have had lately.

veckans vintips, aw wines, lat 42Lat 42 Gran Reserva (No. 12679 at the Swedish monopoly), costs 89 SEK (13 USD) and is a lovely Rioja with spice and savor. I think it has a distinct character of cherry jam, dill, tobacco and fine vanilla from the oak found in Rioja.

It is made of the classic Rioja grape Tempranillo and has an alcohol content of 13.5%.

If you tend to like the particular style of Rioja, I think you will like this!