Forgotten cava, brought home at last.

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It struck me this morning that I ordered cava through the monopoly, before I went to Catalonia, that is over a month ago. Gee gee, so it can go if you have too much to think about.

Said and done I called the them up, and a happy Maria announced that, yes they were still waiting for me. Since I do not remember exactly what I ordered, they asked her what I could expect. Maria began to read from a note and totally it seemed I had ordered nine bottles from nine different manufacturers. Ops!

I took the car at once and headed out, because I was incredibly curious about what I would face as I looked down into the carton box. Albet in Noya, Pares Balta, and Villanrnau were some of the houses that were among the ordered bottles I knew.

Now they are all here on the kitchen counter and compliment my Wednesday afternoon, and I even think that one of them will be chosen to brighten my evening. Luckily Eva, the winemaker at Villarnau, gave me a stopper, so I do not have to drink the whole bottle tonight. :-)