Tomorrow it is Beer and whisky festival weekend two!

The first weekend went really fast. It was over just when it had begun it felt like. "Over" was also my voice, because after three days of uninterrupted talking to the festivals visitors, they actually began to ask me to take it easy. And it did not become any better when the cover band started up again on Saturday night and we had to scream to be heard. But now after a few days of rest the voice is in shape again and I'm ready for another exciting weekend at Nacka Strand.

The first weekend drew as many as 16 500 visitors and I can guess that most people came on Saturday, for then it was crowded I must say! But because everyone is in such a nice mood it's okay if it gets a little tight at times. The more the merrier, we use to say!

Did you miss last weekend? Then I think you should definitely try to come this weekend. It will, among other things be published what beers wins "Best in Show" in their respective classes, and Carlsberg have five beers and two ciders nominees. Of course, we all hope that the Carnegie anniversary porter will take home some price. It is fantastic and if you happen to pass by, you should definitely come by Carlsberg where I stand and try it out.

Consumers are welcome: Thursday, 6 / 10: 15-23 Friday 7 / 10: 15-24 Saturday 8 / 10: 12-24

Hope to see you there!