Nadal. A tennis pro or a cava house?

cava, nadal, penedés

Obviously, the answer is both, but I'm much more interested in the cavan then the tennis legend.

We were on a quick visit to Nadal last week. Incredibly happy to have time for a quick stop on the way home before dinner, after a busy day with three visits. We were kindly received by Mr. Nadal himself and he let us taste all his cavas and talked about his philosophies and theories. Just like any other producer in the area he maintains his own style and method. And it pays off, since his cavas are fantastically well made and flavorful. We bought with us four cavas and two bottles of his sweet "ice wine".

Back home, we opened Nadal Gran Reserva especial late Thursday when we finally saw each other,  me and and the, after a week apart. There was plenty to talk about with the passed week, the memories from the trip and the cava of course.

Nadal Brut and brut rosé is available at the swedish monopoly. But unfortunately with the "package requirements", which means you have to order a whole box if you want to shop. But it might be worth it . It is very good, I promise!

More about Nadal you can read on their website.