Active Spain, if you want to do something else then visit cava producers

When we visited the harvest of Segura Viudas, we did also get to know Pär Linholm, who runs a business in the area called Active Spain

Pär tells us that he has run the company for about 1.5 years and that they have both, climbing, hiking and cycling in among their activities. The possibility to do something else between the vineyard visits are numerous and you can even merge the activities with visits to vineyards, for example, by cycling. It's great fun and easy to get around, and the nature is wonderful, says Pär who himself lives in a village located at the foot of the Montserat, which is the beautiful mountain that protects Penedés from the cold north wind.

Guided trips up the mountain is also one of Pär's most popular activities.

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 In the spring when we plan another visit to the area, we will definitely add a day or two of hiking and biking with Pär, that's for sure!

Pär also takes a lot of pictures from his adventures around the Penedés which he put upon Flickr. The pictures from our day at Viuda Segura and Freixenet you found here