A visit to Juvé y Camps

The winemakers of Juvé y Camps do not have much to complain about in terms of their view from their laboratory. Montserrat is towering in all its glory right outside the window, surrounded by blue skies and green vineyards. Also their test room has the same great view, and we could admire it while we had the opportunity to try their very high quality cavoas along with their winemaker Antonio Orte Vella and export manager Victor Bernabé, this afternoon.

We talked a lot about the different components a base wine needs to have, to make a cava with long storage capabilities. Also my question about what factors that influences the development of the bubbles character got an answer. Unfortunately, this also seems to be a topic under discussion, or at least a question cava producers seem to have many different theories about. Everything from the different grapes verities tendency to give different mousse, the yeast character, the temperature of the wine during the second fermentation, and some other parameters that were so chemically complex that I could not not quite keep up.

Juvé y Camps makes fantastically nice products, but their La Familia (far left in picture), is the most sold. A Cava with great complexity that would fit well with many of our Swedish dishes like elk, and even rain deer. While the Cinta Purpura and Gran (in picture), as well as a rosé and a blanc de noirs (not in photo) were all super nice. I do admit that I just love well aged cavas, and since that is Juvé y Camps speciality, I have really come to the right place!

Victor also told us that their cavas hopefully soon will be available in Sweden, which I really hope!

Now it's time to pack the bags, so they are ready to be loaded into the car tomorrow to go to the last two visits to Recarerdo and Gramona, before it is off to the airport.

I sincerely hope that we will not have overweight, even though I know that it is a lot of bottles. So keep your fingers crossed!