The afternoon with Pere Ventura

Pere Ventura is a very young house that has been about twenty years in the market. But in this short time they have developed into an export success and is now available in 35 countries. We were welcomed and taken care of Christian, who surprised us very much by greeting us in Swedish! After working in sweden for some years he had now returned to Spain.

After a tour of the vineyards we went down into the great wine cellars, where 3.5 million bottles can be stored at the same time. Not only are the cellars beautiful, but they also  have a very large  vinotek where they store all their vintages for reference. The vinotek has the design of a church, and with its lighted candles it is like a temple dedicated cava. Here, we also took be a part of their tradition to drink their oldest cava from all new glasses, after which we smashed them against the stone floor while at the same time wishing for something for ourselves and everything sounding us. I think we did everything correctly so now we'll see what happens ...

It has been a very interesting and busy day and when we finally came to our small family hotel in the countryside with their two beagles and fantastic home-grown vegetables , we felt calm again. Tomorrow awaits Segura Viuda, Freixenet and Vilarnau, so now it's just to crawl into bed!