Miscalculation regarding Catalonia's National Day.

Xampanyet was closed, as was La champangeria, which in fact seems to have been closed for the past three weeks. Amazingly unlucky. But we decided to go to the harbor again. We like it there with the boats, sea air and all the pretty lights.







Not only this, we also found, by sheer luck, a really really good cava, DIVINUM SELECCIÓ - Brut Reserva Especial. Straw yellow in color with a nice round body and hints of ripe yellow apples, toast, honey and almonds. Nice, very nice! Worked great with grilled tuna or salmon and ratatouille with gorgonzola and px sauce.

I must ask our contact in Sant Sadurni tomorrow and see if they know of this cava and who makes it, because when I google I find zero information, except for a Facebook page that does not make any sense.

Another interesting part of the evening was that we saw yet another luxury cruising boat  that had come in since yesterday. It was named Stargate, (apparently from Nassau) is among the cleanest and most absurdly long nosed boats I have ever seen! Note the lights that light up the water in the stern. Good to have I guess if you want to go swimming at night. We estimated the boat to be about 100 feet long! It's a little crazy how much money there is in the world! I admit that I do get a bit curious where it came from today and who owns it.