Sightseeing, CHECK!

Today we have done our duty and been real tourists with the "hop on hop off buses". Amazingly useful if you want to be able to get a good overview of the city in a short time. We went with all the threelines available, with a break for lunch and a fairly long walk in Gaudi's Park Guell. We had planned to lunch at a place we were recommended, situated in La Boqueria, but apparently the market is closed on Sundays, so also our plan to bring home a leg of para negra came to nothing.

We took a quick lunch with tapas and a beer, so we were all set when we jumped on the blue line that took us to the strange park. Gaudi have also here used nature as inspiration, but in my opinion gone a bit wild with the mosaic. Crazy, but in a "crazy-nice" way.

After a long walk up and down the hills, we found a little sangria and nuts that gave us some extra energy. While we sat there we noticed one of these "state people" who stand still for a VERY long time.  I wonder how they do it? Incredible!

After the park Guell we went back to the hotel to get ready to go out and eat some. This time, we aim to go to La Xampanyet, a cava and tapas bar in the Gothic area, just next to the Picasso museum. Let's see if we succeed this time, since we looked high and low for the famous La champangeria, which eventually turned out to be closed for three weeks until September 11. Maybe we have run in to a streak of bad luck?