Say what you will about Gaudi, but he was not lazy!

  When visiting Barcelona, it is difficult, indeed impossible to avoid Gaudi's impact on the city. I'm really not art connoisseurs and did not know much of Gaudi's works, more than that I've seen the space-like sculptures and pictures of the unfinished cathedral. But it's truly amazing what huge impact his design has on people and how impressive it is once you get to see the houses and sculptures with my own eyes.

One of the houses Gaudi built in the city, known as La Pedrera has a terrace on the roof
with the space-like, almost fateful sculptures that have become so well known worldwide. Even if they have something a little "doomsday-like" about them, they also mediates something soothing, which is more than you can say about the sea of tourists that decided to visit La Pedrera at the same time as we did. But even though it was cramped, the construction of the building was fascinating and it is not easy to understand where he got it from. Maybe he was a bit crazy?
The line between genius and madness is said to be very fine indeed. And a genius he was, there van be no doubt about that.
This sense of genius (or madness) is clearly manifested in the still ongoing construction of the enormous and spectacular church of Sagrada Familia. A cathedral which apparently occupied Gaudi's thoughts and days for the last 40 years of life ... He was 74 years when he died in 1926, so he was therefore around the thirties when he began. I am myself around thirty, and just the thought of what Gaudi already done, achieved and planned when he was my age makes me feel tiny and insignificant. He knew already when he planned the cathedral that he would never see it finished, but responded to people's curiosity about this with "my client is not in a hurry, God has all the time in the world."








The cathedral is huge, and the style in my opinion anything but religious or sacred, but no less spectacular for that. The largest center towers are still not built, and a whole facade is still missing, so when I'm 74 maybe I can come back and see how far the project has come by when, because I doubt it will be finished.