Espandrillos and really good food

 Barcelona has a lot of shopping to offer. And although me and Andréas are not shoppingfreeks, I was really set on a pair of espadrillos to wear in the heat, since the shoes I brought with me were a thousand and one degrees hot! I was sure to find the sandal like shoes at El Corto Ingles (a big department store),  but found only winter shoes and autumn jackets, whatever the Spaniards are going to use them for when it is still 30 degrees Celsius outside. On the way back to the hotel on Provenca 225, a small boutique suddenly appeared specialized on espadrillos! I'm not kidding! A  very small boutique, but full of all kinds of espadrillos imaginable, normal flat once or classier once with heels and a multitude of colors! I highly recommended it if you require similar shoes!

I bought a pair and then we continued to stroll along La Rambla and various odd lanes, until we reached our hotel. A quick shower and then off to the restaurant Botafumerio, as my good friend Lamina Boltjes and her boyfriend Raffa

recommended. An amazing seafood restaurant with a good selection of wine and cava. We went for prawns with garlic and lemon, and monkfish with spinach and tomato, which both matched the amazing Gramona Imperial we drank. But when we tried to order Freixenet Malvasia 2001 to go with our chocolate cake with mocha ice cream, total confusion broke out among the waiters.

The menu was clear enough, but the waiter did not understand if the price was 31 Euro / glass or bottle, because no one had previously ordered this cava. Uproar broke out and a whole series of waiters were consulted. At last we got our bottle of Malvasia for 31 euros, but by that time we had almost finished our dessert. But we did not mind,  instead we shared the bottle with our two Spanish table neighbors that had also involved in the ordering. All good end well! Now we are all set for tomorrow when we'll find out how much a full leg of pata negra cost (and weigh) and we will also explore the city by buss.

Good night until then!