The countdown has begun!

Now it is not many days left, because on Friday we are taking the early flight to Barcelona and the harvest. It will be great to finally get back to San Sadurni. We have a tight schedule with at least two producer visits a day. But it is a sweet hassle when you do something you love!

Over the weekend we will try to find the very best cava bars and restaurant in Barcelona, so you know where to go next time you're there. Maybe it will be some hotel tips too, so you can plan a weekend soon. There will also be a section on Barcelona in the book with some tips and trix.

Then on the Monday it's off to San Sadurni and all the cava producers. We will visit, among others, Agusti Torello Mata, Freixenet, Codorniu, Gramonan, Villarnau and Pares Balta. And I'm thinking already about how we should go about transporting all the cava that I know we will want to bring home. Maybe I have to buy an extra suitcase since the one we have only fits 10 bottles if you do not want to break the weight limits on the flight. We will see how it goes!