The spirit of Hven

Hven is a wonderful island, just between Denmark and Sweden, and during my thirteen years I have vacationed on the island, I can say that there is much that has happened. The people living on Hven are some real entrepreneurs and some of the greatest of them are Henric and Anja, who runs the Backafall-village and the distillery "Spirit of Hven". 2008 they launched the world's smallest commercial pot still distillery, and in February 2012, they said their first batch of whiskey should be completed. In the meantime, they have worked hard and built a whiskey bar with over 1,000 different varieties! Last night we took a trip there after dinner, me and my husband, to try at least some whiskey and talk some nonsense. And, I can say that you could easily spend many hours in this bar! As a modern furnished English pub, with bottles covering the walls behind the bar in double rows to fit everything in. It's a cozy place.

We chose one whiskey each, a beer and ordered even a dash of the distillery's own organic gin. We were totally in agreement that this gin was among the best we had ever tasted, and we were also told that it had received the silver medal in 2010's version of one of the world's oldest spirits competition, Monde Selection.

The distillery Spirit of Hven, seems to clearly know what they are doing and we will in all cases order their gin when we come back to town.