Stackable storage.

I am very happy with IKEA once again. It may be that it's hard to stay for a any period over 30 minutes in their stores and that it is somehow always a screaming child or confused adult each time blocking your path, when I like Ville the Weasel is trying to hit a new record for picking up candles and napkins. I can not for my life understand all these people, that with slow dragging steps, like sloths, leisurely are inspecting each department so not to miss any news that they previously never lacked, but which now seems impossible to live without. They load their trollies with small things for surprisingly low prices, and leaving checkout a few hundred dollars poorer, but most likely without what they actually came to buy. Say what you will about the business tricks with cheap junk and to say the least exhausting visits to department stores, but they do have some incredibly intelligent solutions. As this week when my husband came home with the  wine rack "Omar".

Galvanized steel with room for 24 bottles, and stackable! 192 cm, the two learned in height, which is perfect hight to reach and to still take advantage of the height in the

basement. Each bottle has its place where they lie steady and stable. It was truly a pleasure to assemble, adjust and sort all the bottles for something that resembled a system.

And the best of all was that when the old narrow shelves were exchanged for Omar, it became a whole lot of room left over! So now we have room to stock up with more cava and wine!! Jippi!