Why is it so cold, when it should be warm and nice!?

America's National Day today, ie well into the summer and the first day of what is usually called industrial holiday here in Sweden, if I remember correctly. Summer is very much here one could say, if you just avoided looking out the window, that is.

If I were to run a marathon today, the weather would be perfect I guess, 15 degrees, cloudy and just a little wind. Such where the weather is "in between", if you know what I mean. A weather that is not so bad that you can snuggle down on the couch (if you had any), with a cup of chocolate in front of a movie and not good enough to go out with a picnic basket. A weather that is not bad enough to be able to complain about really, but not good enough to make you feel inspiredto do something. An weather that simply does not inspire! Incredibly uninspiring really...

Now I will not sit here and spread negative vibes, there are other things that inspire than just the weather of course!

Maybe it's also good for productivity with a little "in between weather" right now, because I planned a long reading of the new cava material I received from Spain before the weekend. So I would not have changed my plans regardless of the weather today, the material has always had priority over the chocolate, movies and picnics. But surely it would have been cozier to sit on the patio in the shade, looking out over the river, instead of sitting inside and constantly being disturbed by the fly which persistently tries to contribute to the creative process by flying into my ear or walk on the edge of my tea mug.

Well, there are flyswats and soon enough the weather will turn into something more inspiring.