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After the hubbub of the last weeks and months, things are slowly starting to return to normal. What now can be considered normal? The last year has been anything but normal in my life, but on the other hand, I never wanted it any other way either. Now I am again back in front of the computer and it feels so good. Mailing back and forth, questions of all kinds "how much is produced in the Penedès region?", "When does  one usually start to harvest Xarel-lo? It is before or after the trepat grapes?", "Is September a good time for me to come visit then?" And always my dear contacts at the institute del cava have a friendly and helpful response. But I have to learn Spanish, I realize this. Should I want to keep doing this, which is my plan and huge desire, I have to learn Spanish! Lucky for me I have a friend who is himself both Spanish and works as a Spanish teacher!

But the best discovery I made during the course of writing this book, is that since I completed my studies at the university, I have completely forgotten how much I love to do reasearch and write. To every day immerse myself further, to learn more and to really "geek down" in any one piece of information is so incredibly fantastic! Come to think of it I don't get why I have not thought of this before, it is quite absurd actually. But here is a time and place for everything, as my mother (and several others I guess) say. I will be glad that I came up with this idea at all! Some people live their lives, unhappy, unstimulated and a little bitter, but is too much cowards to do anything about it, or even listening to their own will and inner voice a bit. Stop messing around and get in the game for F**K sake, as my very good friend Ella would have said!

I've done it. I am in the game. And I'm so happy!

My very good friend Ella!