Some really good cavaglases

There is a difference between a glass and glass. Personally I think the usual champagneflutes that we use here in Sweden, which are "straight" at the top are pretty stupid. All bubbles will disappear along with all the scents  before it had time to react. In addition, At the same time I can't fit my nose in the opening while I take a sip which I find boring. Fortunately there is help! Both in Barcelona and in Champagne, a new bit more tulip-shaped glass has started to be used by the producers. These capture the scents in a way that gives us a better chance to smell all the aromas of the wonderful wines. In addition, I can fit my nose in these glasses while I drink which is an incredible plus! They are not easy to get a hold of though, at least not here in Sweden. I have bought mine from a cava producer, so personally I'm all set!

But really, as long as you are happy with the glasses you drink your bubbles from, that is all that matters.