The trip

After a few days in champagne we reached Denmark today on our way up.It's been an amazing journey with incredibly hot sommarvæder and fantastic food and drink.

When we finally came down to Champagne and the village of Ludes, were we stayed, we started with doing a little tour of our B & B's cellar and got the story about their own production. Everything ended with a tasting of three of their champagnes. Nice all of them but not quite what we had in mind when it came to our more extensive purchases. So we preceded to the village Mensil-Sur-Oger in the Cotes Blanc, to visit Michel Rocout, which we had planed. We bought their demi-sec (verging on being a brut, since it only contains 18 grams sugar / liter), which is fantastic! Also the rest of the family took the opportunity to buy some bubbles and especially my brother seemed pleased with the magnum he bought.

In the afternoon we went to Huré Fraire in Ludes (next door to our B&B), who we have visited before. My mother, who is the only one in company who speaks little French, came up to speed really well after a while. Champagne was purchased for pickup the following day.

If you'r ever in Epernay, I have a restaurant tip! There are a little neighborhood restaurant called Chez Max (believe it means "Max's place", but I do not know for sure). This small place has the best service and the food and wine is really good value for money! Go there!

Wednesday started with Pol Roger, and a tour in the cellars and subsequent testing in the garden. And now the family, really started to discover the big difference between champagne and champagne. It turned out, for example, that my mother seemed to likethe younger little tarter styles, while my dad appreciated the little older and in overall heavier styles.

But we can honestly admit that everyone in the family put Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill as their favorite... which may not come as a surprise.

After leaving the magnificent house of the Pol Roger family, we steered our course towards the village of Dizy and the small producer Alain Bernard, where we quickly spent the last of our travel funds, and even had the good fortune to find 12 magnums, of the sort we had planed! We were all joy! And yes, we bought a few extra varieties just to fill up the cellar at home. Since it is always good to have some in case you feel a bit down and need some cheering up.

All, in all we brought home around 120 bottles, and we have realized that it will most likely be one trip to champagne each year. But next time we will hopefully have friends in the back seat and not as much champagne, since it is so much nicer if you can share the experience.