Anna Wallner

- Born March 1979
- Author, sommelier, project leader.
- Married to Andreas Wallner.
- Two kids, born 2014 and 2016.
- Loves: Well made Gran reservas, good jamón, Penedès, knitting, flowers, pilates, inspiring others to enjoy life and spending time with family and friends.

My mother always says that “things happen for a reason”. Maybe you can’t see it, because you are in the middle of it all— but in time, you will.
I’m starting to see what all the work I have put in to this area has given me and how it has changed me. Not only me either but my family, and my friends and people around med have experienced the change too.
Through my work with Cava, I have gained so much experience, knowledge, new friends and a new life. Our plans for the future has been altered, and our children will forever be affected by the change in my career that I did even before they were born. They will find it normal to have winemakers as ”aunties” and ”uncles”, that Swedish, Spanish, Catalan and English are spoken in a constant mix around them. They will know the differences between vines as any other normal Swede knows the difference between trees in the forest. It’s fantastic to think about the power behind our choices, and I’m excited to think about what the future might bring, and what we want it to bring. One thing I know is that now when I have found it, I will never let Penedès go, and I will continue to do what I can to help spread the passion, love and happiness these bubbles and their creators have given to me.